It wasn’t long into my blogging career that I realized all the profound implications of self-publishing through blogging. Informed of issues like popular blogger Kathy Sierra being stalked by a reader, I grappled with whether or not to use my real name, full name, any name at all, or even a pseudonym. These three posts chronicle my journey from anonymity to full name transparency.

1. The truth about blogging: Too good to be true or too dangerous to devote to? Here I blogged about my prior experience of blogging – most of which had been in small, close knit communities of people I knew in person or was in a more public forum and thus more anonymous.

2. Your blog, your name, your brand, your risk. This post delves into dealing with the issues of transparency, authenticity, and whether or not to blog under my own name.

3. Ambition and the Tale of One Generation Y Woman With the encouragement of two fellow bloggers, Penelope Trunk and Ryan Healy, I posted my first post under my full name – that I didn’t go back and edit out later! – abandoning the fears and frustrations of how to brand myself online and still be safe. This post is effectively my public introduction of my personal self to the blogosphere. It was my first real leap into Personal PR.

And things only got better from there on out. My readership quickly grew, and I my transperancy opened the doors to be establishing truly powerful relationships and empowered me to create more success in my own career. It was really the start of something wonderful.