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Here are a few posts that outline what I mean by “Personal PR”

  • Personal PR – Relationships for a New Generation
  • The Other Side of PR: People and Relationships
  • Perfection is Overrated. Relationships Work Better.
  • Here’s some background about me as a blogger.

  • Two Tales of My Blogging Beginnings
  • The Name Game: Transparency, Authenticity, and Being Your True Self
  • Three Secrets to Starting Anything (Life Lessons from Launching a New Blog)
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    If aren’t new here, you might want to check out my guest post at Conversation Agent on the future of communications. This post is the first in a featured series on her blog the next few weeks. Here’s a snippet from her introduction of the series: “You will read about the future of branding, marketing trends, what happens to social networks, leadership, communications, connections, and global user experience from the voices of the generation that is entering the work force.”

    I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this project, I really hope you check it out and join the conversation!