Relationships matter. They matter for your life, your career, and your dreams. And in a digital age, how you form and maintain relationships is different than ever before. With self-publishing literally a click away through the reality of blogging, now virtually anyone can share thoughts and ideas across the globe.

Now, networking is no longer confined to cocktail hour or dinner with highly-connected friends. Friend-driven social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook have paved the way to more professional-focused sites such as LinkedIn, not only making it easier to maintain a list of your contacts, but showcasing your contacts to the world.

Now blogging no longer entails merely detailing the minutia of life – new communities of bloggers are sharing knowledge in their fields, building expertise within communities, and forming relationships to build their careers.

That’s what Personal PR is all about. And that’s what this blog is all about – how the principles and theories, the practices and norms of public relations can work for you, your online identity, your network, your career. It’s the secret to transparency, to authenticity, to being true to you.
Be real. Relate.