7 Tricks to Tackle The Resistance

By Tiffany Monhollon

Image by tao_zhyn, FlickrIn Poke the Box, Seth Godin calls it the Lizard Brain. In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield calls it the Resistance.

Whatever it really is, this invisible enemy is nothing if not a strong force. It’s a brick wall thrown up in the journey of your success. It can be terrifying, demoralizing, crushing, like the impact of hitting a wall at 70 miles per hour.

So, what can you do when you’re immobilized by the Resistance? Read the rest of this entry »

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Are We Addicted to Multitasking?

By Tiffany Monhollon

Last week at Get Ready to Live, a small unconference that happened alongside SXSW in Austin, Scott Stratten shared some great nuggets on emotional currency and how to deal with all the demands on your personal bandwidth - from approaching projects to handling haters. One of his more popular “speak-by-tweet” nuggets was that “Multitasking isn’t a talent, it’s a detriment,” as captured by Jay Baer.

Scott’s challenge? To work one screen open at a time, wholly focused on just the task at hand.

A noble goal, to be sure. But for today’s professional, do we even know how to work without multitasking?

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1001 Days of Twitter

By Tiffany Monhollon

Dear Twitter,

It’s been 1001 days since we made it official. So today, in honor of our 1001th day together, it being Valentine’s week and all, I wanted to share my thoughts about our relationship.

For the record, I resisted you as long as I possibly could. All my friends were telling me how great you were. My husband even tried to win me over to your ways. But I didn’t see your charm at first. I saw your goofy, different exterior and agreed with the critics: You were a Site About Nothing. And I had better things to do with my time.

But ever since May 22, 2008, I realized the folly of my ways.

Things were rocky at first, Twitter. I didn’t care to post the minutiae of my life willy nilly. I thought at first I’d wax poetic and use your unusual format to turn my thoughts into 140-character nuggets of wisdom. Or insight. Or inspiration.

It didn’t last. Read the rest of this entry »

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Study: How Does Social Media Affect Trust Between PR and Journalists?

By Tiffany Monhollon

I’m excited to announce that I am in the midst of conducting a study on the affect that the professional use of social media has on trust between public relations practitioners and journalists. As a part of this research project, I will be creating a research report that will be publicly available once enough responses have been collected to analyze – and to reach that goal, I need your help!

There are two ways you can help me make this project successful:

1) Take the survey.

If you work as a journalist or reporter or as a public relations or communications practitioner, please consider becoming a part of the research sample by taking the survey below. The survey is completely anonymous, and there are separate survey links for journalists and public relations practitioners. The surveys are identical other than that the questions are respective to each field so the data can be compared accurately (i.e. one refers to journalists, the other to public relations practitioners). Other than these terms being different, the surveys are the same.

Survey Link For Journalists:
Survey Link For PR Practitioners: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/surveypr

2) Spread the word.

Please help me spread the word about this study – regardless if whether or not you can participate in it! Feel free to e-mail, blog, tweet, or share the link to this post on Facebook, especially if there are public relations or journalism professionals in your network who may find this study to be of interest.

Time is of the essence, so I want to thank each and every person who helps me generate a great turnout for this study in advance!

Let’s put the power of social media to work!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at tiffanymonhollon at gmail dot com or fill out the contact form on the about page of this site.

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How to Relocate for a New Job (And My Big Announcement!)

By Tiffany Monhollon

Less than 12 hours away from my first day in a new gig – in a new city to boot – and I’m still not sure quite how to write this post. There are so many things I want to say, so I’m reminding myself that I don’t have to say them all at once.

So I’ll start with telling you about the opportunity first. I’m joining the marketing team at ReachLocal out of their Dallas office to help launch a new product. It hasn’t launched yet, so I’m not sure what all I can tell you at this point, but it’s a fantastic technology, and I’m so excited to join the team of phenomenal professionals there and roll up my sleeves to tell you all more about it!
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5 Can’t-Miss Tips (and Tools) for Connecting at Conferences

By Tiffany Monhollon

There’s nothing quite like connecting with people in person. The more time spent online networking, sharing, and filtering, the more I crave the in-person approach. That’s one reason I love attending conferences, workshops, and seminars. (Plus the fact that input is one of my strengths, so I’m a nut for learning new things and collecting ideas.)

But with technology becoming such an important part of many live learning experiences, it can be hard to find the right mix between learning, meeting people, and keeping your eye on the virtual buzz.

I’ve developed a few tactics to help balance the pressures of digital with the opportunities of in-person using some great tools - some you’ve probably heard of, and others that may have slipped past your radar. Read the rest of this entry »

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57 Power Words for Writing Brilliant Headlines

By Tiffany Monhollon

Whether you’re a new blogger just developing your niche or a seasoned writer developing your next great post, finding just the right headline can be just the inspiration you need. Plus, a great headline can mean the difference between a great post that gets little attention and a great post that brings traffic, comments, and social media traction.

Over the years, I’ve practiced my headline writing skills both on this blog and in my day job, where I’m communications and social media manager leading a team of bloggers to develop content within two well-defined niches on a regular basis. When you write about the same general topics year in and year out, developing new, creative ideas can be a challenge. So, every week, I hold a brainstorming meeting where we develop ideas, play, and find inventive, fun ways to write headlines and e-mail subject lines that move people to action.

Recently, we launched a collaborative blog for business leaders called Refresh Leadership. It offers practical business advice for everyone from developing to mature business leaders. In the months since its launch, we’ve had more than 70,000 hits and have even seen some posts get picked up by Smart Brief. We’ve also posted a few articles that had great content but less-than-perfect headlines.

One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes, all that’s keeping your post from getting traction is simple word choice. So, here’s a list of headline power-words that you can use to strengthen your headlines. Try them on your next post! Read the rest of this entry »

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