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Do This: Influence Up.

This week, I’m kicking off a new series here at Personal PR called Do This. These short posts will be designed to inspire you to take action in ways that will build your network, improve your professional relationships, grow your […]

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This Changes Everything.

Yesterday, I got to experience in person the miracle of birth as my best friend delivered her second daughter after 18 hours of incredibly painful, unmedicated labor. Back labor. If you want to know more about it, Google it, and […]

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Personal PR & Identity Confessions of a Bride-to-Be

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a lot of all the customs involved with “getting married” in America are nothing short of a big, pointless, hassle, consumerism at its most effective, emotionally-clad best. Internationally or unintentionally set in the way of […]

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