Last week at Get Ready to Live, a small unconference that happened alongside SXSW in Austin, Scott Stratten shared some great nuggets on emotional currency and how to deal with all the demands on your personal bandwidth – from approaching projects to handling haters. One of his more popular “speak-by-tweet” nuggets was that “Multitasking isn’t a talent, it’s a detriment,” as captured by Jay Baer.

Scott’s challenge? To work one screen open at a time, wholly focused on just the task at hand.

A noble goal, to be sure. But for today’s professional, do we even know how to work without multitasking?

An interesting debate, especially since research continues to show some interesting things about the realities of multitasking:

What do you think?

  • Are we too addicted to multitasking?
  • Does it make you more productive, or less?
  • Is it good for some tasks but not larger projects?
  • Does it depend on the field or job description?
Share your thoughts in the comments!
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