Dear Twitter,

It’s been 1001 days since we made it official. So today, in honor of our 1001th day together, it being Valentine’s week and all, I wanted to share my thoughts about our relationship.

For the record, I resisted you as long as I possibly could. All my friends were telling me how great you were. My husband even tried to win me over to your ways. But I didn’t see your charm at first. I saw your goofy, different exterior and agreed with the critics: You were a Site About Nothing. And I had better things to do with my time.

But ever since May 22, 2008, I realized the folly of my ways.

Things were rocky at first, Twitter. I didn’t care to post the minutiae of my life willy nilly. I thought at first I’d wax poetic and use your unusual format to turn my thoughts into 140-character nuggets of wisdom. Or insight. Or inspiration.

It didn’t last.

But soon, I began to realize your power was more than simply to broadcast breakfast plans into the dark, big void of the Internet. I started really connecting with you. And connecting to other people. And connecting my content to new audiences. And connecting my ideas to new conversations.

The flexibility and freedom were delicious. There was the constant ability to connect without the responsibility of anything expected in return. I could abandon you for a few days, and you’d still be there when I returned. I didn’t have to overthink things. I didn’t have to agonize over what I’d say. You were just there, always ready to listen. Always asking “What’s Happening?”

It was refreshing.

I brought our romance into the office. In one rogue moment, our relationship went from personal to professional. No meetings. Nothing formal or official. Just you and me and an email address, and: Boom! Things were suddenly on a whole new level. You became a part of my work. I started digging deeper into the personal / professional divide. And the rewards were sweet: I tried things. I learned. I explored. You opened new doors and opportunities.

You were also an incredible risk.

After a while, people at the office started to notice. At first, I was worried about what this would mean. But then, there you were, saving the day: front-and-center, headline news, a hero. I didn’t need to worry. My instinct proved right. You were a bet that paid off. Everyone was talking about you. Nobody could get enough. Business execs. New anchors. Celebrities.

It was a whole new world again.

And, despite the odds, over time, you’ve continued to evolve, add value, and make your mark on the world. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot through you. I’ve met some incredible people, and I’ve grown as a strategist, as a thinker, and as a professional.

You’re by no means my everything. But you’re an important part of my world, my work, and how I express myself online. Understanding you has enriched my life and my career.

So thank you, Twitter. And thanks to all the individuals who actually make Twitter such a meaningful experience.

It’s been a great 1001 days! Here’s to 1001 more.



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Image Source: Flickr, “Tweedle-E-Dee,” Courtesy Nathan Jongewaard

Image © 2011 Andreas Eldh, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio