This week, I’m kicking off a new series here at Personal PR called Do This. These short posts will be designed to inspire you to take action in ways that will build your network, improve your professional relationships, grow your knowledge, help you share your ideas, and other core principles of Personal PR.

This week’s action: Influence Up.

1. Pick an Influencer.
Choose someone who has influenced you in an important way in your career. Think about people who have shaped the way you approach your job, the way you think about your field, or risks you’ve taken to get where you are. Maybe a current or former boss, a mentor, a thought leader, a teacher or professor, or a peer. Maybe someone you’ve never met who’s left an important impression.

2. Tailor Your Gratitude.
Then, take time this week to thank them in a way that will be meaningful to them. The key to this challenge is to go out of your way to encourage and thank this person in a way that acknowledges and honors their style of influence and personality. A thought leader might appreciate a kind blog post written about their influence in your career. A mentor or professor might love a handwritten note or letter about where you are in your career and reflections on how their influence has helped you achieve where you are today. A peer might be honored if you nominate them for an award or honor.

3. Honor with Action.
Then, take this activity one step further by intentionally acting on the influence of your chosen influencer this week. Think about the moments and lessons this person has created in your life. Dust them off, examine them, and consider how you can re-apply these lessons today.

There’s no greater honor to anyone than that their influence continues to take root and flourish within someone else.

Influence up.