Here’s the thing: That guy over there already wrote the post you were thinking about. Someone applied for that job, registered that domain, reached out to that influencer, entered that contest, landed that client, invented that product, wrote that book.

So what?


I have just realized that, for some reason, I am always having the same revelations.

About consistency. About discipline. About pushing past obstacles.

For a long time, that bothered me.

But finally, I am realizing that maybe, that’s because I keep letting the same thing stop me.

Quantitatively, I can tell this is true. For example, there are 90 unfinished posts in my drafts folder, deemed not good enough to publish. Qualitatively, I can tell it’s true from the way I feel when I sit down to blog. Fear, mostly, with a good dose of doubt. Even though I know that doesn’t make sense, objectively, since I write as a professional, for a living, and plenty of people read this blog. It also happens to be the truth.


My husband comes in to check on me, just like he has been doing every night the past few weeks. To see if I’ve finally posted. Or at least written something. This time, I tell him I’m doing okay. And finally, it’s the truth.

He says, “I’m excited about this one,” because I brainstormed the title for this post with him at lunch today. I say, well, I’m not sure it’s going to be as great as you are thinking. And he says, “Well, isn’t that the point of this post?” And then he gives me a kiss that says to me, “They won’t all be the best, but who cares. I’m still looking forward to it.”

He walks away, and I think about that.

Then, from the kitchen, he says, “One weird thing was that after lunch today, I was on StumbleUpon, and one of your posts came up randomly. The Lost one.”

And I don’t know why, but something about that was exactly what I needed in this moment to finally push past the dip.

People are reading. You are listening. Someone is sharing what I have to say.


So, this may not be the most eloquent thing I’ve ever written. It might not be the most strategic. But it’s something I need to tell myself, and maybe something you need to hear.

It’s never too late.

To write that post, to launch that site, to land that client, to develop that idea, to take that risk, to give that pitch, to write that book.

Or, maybe it’s always too late.

The trick is to stop worrying about that part and move anyway.

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