Monthly Archives: November 2007

Personal PR – Relationships for a New Generation

Relationships matter. They matter for your life, your career, and your dreams. And in a digital age, how you form and maintain relationships is different than ever before. With self-publishing literally a click away through the reality of blogging, now […]

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The Name Game: Transparency, Authenticity, and Being Your True Self

It wasn’t long into my blogging career that I realized all the profound implications of self-publishing through blogging. Informed of issues like popular blogger Kathy Sierra being stalked by a reader, I grappled with whether or not to use my […]

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Two Tales of My Blogging Beginnings

I got started blogging in April 2007 at Little Red Suit. In a short time, I built great relationships, expanded my network and started developing my personal brand. But getting started was a challenge. These two posts describe my initial […]

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