Here’s a thought for you. People have been saying this for a while, in different ways. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring. Here it is: Quit.

Now I don’t mean give up on a dream. But give up the other things. Give up on something that’s getting you nowhere. Quit the thing you never really wanted to do anyway. Stop doing things that are wasting your time. Get it over with.

Now, get on with the other things, and recognize the empowerment of the freedom you now have to pursue something you’re great at and that you don’t want to fail at.

I recently quit a few things that were at one time very important to me but that weren’t worth following through The Dip. I quit several other blogs to launch this one. I quit a master’s thesis I was at the research stage in (a year into the process) to start a new graduate project on a leap of faith and lots of passion. I quit simple things, like obsessing over my lawn and watching too much TV. And I’ve never been at a more exciting or promising place in my career. So far, quitting has changed my life – in a matter of weeks.

It can change your life too. It could change your career. You can quit anything you want. The choice is up to you. It’s your risk, after all. But that’s what makes it so fulfilling when it pays off.

What will you quit? Do it now, before you decide it’s too much of a risk. Quit. Stop. Really.

Now, move.